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Lord Yogaroth

I am an uncertified unintuitive hellness practitioner (UUHP), heavy metal yoga master/teacher (HMYMT), unintegrated injury torturist (UIT), metal-tronia dis-therapy master hurter (MTDTMH), satanic spirit channeler (SSC), certified professional soul sales person (CPSSP), and certified hippie exterminator (CHE).

I have trained for a few hours in many different styles including Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga, Hotter Yoga, Hottest Yoga, Hot Power Yoga, Power Metal Yoga, Hot Power Metal Yoga, as well as philosophy (The Satanic Sutras), anatomy (hippie mutilation) and meditation (screaming in my sleep). I teach an unbalanced, toxic and painful SatanAsana Flow style. I enjoy watching my students fail while attempting each posture, and ridiculing them in front of their peers.

I work with clients to clear away any positive vibrational elements attached to their energy field, sell their soul’s vibration to Satan, and through intuitive counsel work, assist them to increase emotional, spiritual and physical issues.

- SataNamaste